Wrong Place, Right Time: Hobart 2014 - Various Artists

Chipper - Tape/Off

'doomsday' box set - mole people

The Late Great Wireheads - Wireheads

Velveteen Dream - Trampoline Team

Home Brand - Gravel Samwidge

Difficult Listening - Thrill Collins

Deserve - Weed

Long awaited full length from Vancouver scuzz lords delivers, and then some. Abandoned the lo-fi reflective moments of earlier EPs for all-out unhinged garage rock sound. A great mix of corrosive rock songs that purge and empower (Heal and A Few Healthy Years ) to go with songs that have a more melodic slouch like Silent Partner. Draws on 90s grunge in a totally non-shit wait. Early Dinosaur Jr and Mudhoney a touch stone. Oozes with exuberance and a love of noisy, noisy guitar music. Weed have grown into something great.

CRMNL HYGNE LP - Criminal Hygiene

Hardass garage rock with soul straight outta Los Angeles. Recalls mid 80s Replacements and Husker Dü in the best possible way. For serious. Andrew’s Song and Rearrange Me terrific rock songs. Yearning lyrics, great guitar parts, unabashed honesty. Full Lunar Eclipse another favourite, unwinds with infectious psychedelic jangle. Cover of Kangaroo utterly crushing, a beautiful tribute to Mr Chilton. Fists in the air. Let’s drink that twelve pack.

Thee Open Sex - Thee Open Sex

Heavy like a big heaving semi-trailer. Smouldering guitar parts and superb reverberating vocals from Rachel Weidner set ‘em apart from similar bands. Defiant, relentless rock and roll. Gets pretty cosmic at times (esp. I Do Not Know What) with expansive, swirling guitar wigouts but grounded by pounding rhythms and gritty rock sensibitlites. Great variety in just seven songs (Gimme Away super surfy fun, Light of Love crunchy stoner vibes), it’s a rich rock and roll brew. Drink deep.


Mighty debut from Melbourne three piece on Aarght Records. Three dudes making industrial strength distorto-rock. An unholy union of schizoid percussion and grinding waves of guitar noise. 10 minute centrepiece No Place For A Holiday an intense, stifling punk rock opus. Exhaustion are all about the tension. Put on several stunning gigs, one of the best bands at the Melbourne Music Week’s Swallowed By The Future. Perfectly suited to a cavernous underground setting. Frightening at times. Always thrilling. Always potent.

NOVO’S - The Gooch Palms

Impossibly good fun garage rock from Newcastle two piece. We Get By one of the great rock and roll anthems of the year. Rudely addictive. Hunter Street Mall my other favourite. Makes a day spent amidst urban main street mediocrity sound like just the best time ever. The Cramps are an obvious comparison but Gooch Palms have their own character going on - more minimal, more fun. Less hedonistic. Yet to see live. Will see them live. Touring Oz in March. That’ll be me, front and centre.

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