Bandcamp Favourites of 2011 - BCH3P0


5. Man meats Bear - Bear Claws

What’s better than just normal, beautiful music? Bear themed beautiful music is what. Mesmerising, lofi traditional folk with everything you’d expect.

4. Geographer - Animal Shapes

Bright, catchy synth pop that doesn’t let up. I can rely on this album for a pickup. It’s so poppy it actually hurts sometimes, but all good things hurt a little.

3. Guilty Ghosts - Veils

Such a huge fan of anything Guilty Ghosts do. Blissful, scerene and elusive sonic landscapes. Beautiful built layers of sound, to lie down on and curl up into.

2. The Offset - Spectacles LP

Everything here, from the raw droning sound, to the Cantonese vocals and the perfect changes in pace slay me.

1. House of Wolves - Fold in the Wind

I think this wowed all of us from the very start. The entire album is just so ephemeral and atmospheric. Rey’s vocals are sublime and sparked a few arguments over whether it was a woman singing or Rey himself.. “oh but wait. That cannot be a guy, listen to that bit” but sure enough It’s all Rey and it only adds to the surreal majesty of this release. Magical, magical stuff. I can’t believe Europe and the US is tour blocking us, get down here soon. Please.

Other favourites

Alessandro Coronas - Where is my Heart?

Sons of an Illustrious Father - One Body

Slow Reverse: Slow Reverse

Sad Souls: Precious Paragons


5. Glass Vaults - Into Clear EP

Shimmering, translucent and most importantly, takes your mood to places it wasn’t before.

4. It is Rain on my Face - Wishbone EP

A great, ambient EP that transported me to a different Season. When I listen to it I still close my eyes and see thin curtains blowing in a cool evening breeze

3. Future Birds - Via Flamina

Drew me out like long piece of string. All languid and reposed. A Great EP by these guys with a killer cover to boot. Expecting Great things. (and a tour?)

2. Little Sur - Little Sur EP

Beautiful folk. Emotional and heartfelt. I make emotional connections on the first listen and this was perfect for me, right at that time. These connections stick around.

1. Alabama Shakes - Alabama Shakes EP

I’d be surprised if this doesn’t come in all the Hunter’s top 5. You put it on, it gets inside you. You get up. You dance. You stomp your feet. You punch your thigh and you shake your head. If these guys don’t tour here soon I am going to start stabbing people.


5. Hemmingbirds - Mellow Gold Haze

Love the flow of this, the melody, the rhythm and the general 90’s poptastic feeling it gives me.

4. Geographer - Original Sin

I’m a sucker for this bright, poppy, electronic stuff. A bit too bright? No. It always hits my spot.

3. Sons of an Illustrious Father - We will do great things

Love a good Belting vocal and a footstomping, drunken tune. I would marry that voice.

2. House of Wolves - Acres of Fire

That haunting piano sets the emotional tempo of the song and then drags my heart through with it.

1. The Offset -Back in the Hole 

This song made me sit up straight away. I came across this album in the middle of a long Hunting expedition and my brain was fuzzy with dissapointment and lowered expectations. The savage buzz of the bass line and the clunking exclamation point snapped me back into reality like a shot of adrenalin. And then he starts singing in Cantonese.

Non Bandcamp albums

5.  Apocalypse - Bill Callahan

What a voice on this man. Something I know I can always return to and be thoroughly satisfied. The opening track, Drover, I love the living shit out of it. “And one thing about this wild, wild country. It takes a strong strong, it breaks a strong strong mind. And anything less and anything less, makes me feel like I’m wasting my time.” Magic.

4. Youth knows no Pain - Lykke Li

Yeah I know, I know. But man.. she reminds me of past relationships, good and bad. Plus she’s pretty cute. I’m an emotional man, what can I say. The heart has to have it’s say and this album makes it ramble all day long.

3. For Nihon - Various Artists

This is a stunning compilation that was put together after the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that swept over Northern Japan. A wonderful comp with a myriad of ambient and experimental artists. Highly recommended.

2. No time for Dreaming - Charles Bradley

Holy shit, this is what happens when a 60+ year old former James Brown Impersonator makes an album. This is heartbreaking Soul, it’s beautiful, it’s fucking magnificent.

1.  Departing - Rural Alberta Advantage

Sign me up as a total sucker for emotional and heartfelt songs that sweep through the realms of love and relationships. Melancholy and heartbreak my best friends. I love this whole album. Kinda cheesy I guess? Ask The Hunter though. I’m a cheesy guy.

Bandcamp Favourites of 2011 - The Huntress


5. Precious Paragons - Sad Souls

Life can sway disconcertingly from joy to bleakness, effervescence to a lull of stillness. This is the tide of things; and Precious Paragons mirrors that precarious swing. The genre dissonance from track to track in this release- from starkly honest folk to gentle ambience- is strange and perfect. It’s wading through melancholia for brief stints of respite; but both are the lovely ebbs you live for. Tom Auty exposes his bones for us, and inside there is longing, and then you realise it’s your own. 

4. Veils - Guilty Ghosts

One of my moments of 2011 was simple and this was the soundtrack. Behind my house is a sprawling park; and I hit it one morning just as the sun did after a sleepless night. Everywhere there were rabbits; tiny white things cantering about the grass that needed cutting, while currawongs crooned in the trees. I sat under the pink shock of the sky in the strangeness that was a suburban menagerie and listened to Veils. It’s a transporting epic; a masterwork of sound that holds you like a lover. Tristan O’Donnell knows how to sculpt music. He has produced my favourite riffs of the year; and makes instrumental music captivating- a difficult feat. When he’s joined by guest vocalists the result is stunning - Guerre and Sea Oleena both feature; the latter merger being particularly magnificent. Veils is stunning, and I can’t imagine that rabbit-ridden morning without it as the soundtrack- it turned the drain of insomnia into something beautiful. That wonderment still carries upon every listen. 

3. The Color - Yellowbirds 

Sometimes our suburbs and cities aren’t enough. That’s why we find ourselves in mires of cheap wine and substances; and seek to lay with the limbs of strangers. In the morning it may not be our bed but it is always our body. 

There are other modes of escape. Sam Cohen has created another planet; great valleys of gently psychedelic soundscapes marked with mountains of ambience. The Color is thick with catchy licks and layered sounds; and Cohen’s unwavering voice could be a cult leader’s- and if this album were a manifesto, I might be tempted to eschew my life for the sunset fields of the Yellowbird’s denomination. 

2. Ghost - Joel Robert Melton 

This album is wonderful company; it carried me through mornings of frantic study in the dim of early summer sunlight; through the endless train rides in a strange country while a tiny woman snored behind me under a threadbare blanket. Melton gives us a seductive tumble of strings and riffs; measured perfectly with his rich, urgent vocals. I adore his lyricism; it is confessional without being prosaic. He isn’t afraid to yell his sentiments; and sometimes his instruments shout along- the gloom is shattered with the wail of a distorted guitar; or a just-dissonant piano that somehow carries seamlessly with the dream-pop scape he’s effortlessly crafted. Ghost is a memory of someone; an unmarked grave to kneel at. The longing pervades every track; until you’re at a shipwreck of sound- and in the midst, there is the calm of someone wanting with you. 

1. Fold In The Wind - House of Wolves 

The first thing Ray Villalobos asks is that you kiss him like it’s the fifties. He’s joined by a piano that you imagine is falling to pieces; and then horns confound you both. He mourns at you; and at the same time it’s a lullaby; and you are torn a little. Then he confides: it’s the bitter side of life that he likes. By now you’re on your knees. And it’s only track one.

We’ve all felt the hairline rips of heartache; and I’ve always struggled to articulate it. Villalobos has crafted it into an album, and in the process completely exposed himself. He is relentless in his reveal; exposing bones and veins through delicate guitar and subdued strings; accompanied by the sparsest piano and the occasional hum of horns. His voice is what crushes- it’s almost unbearably vulnerable and strangely genderless. It could be anyone whispering their secrets to you. You could be singing to yourself. 

There’s nothing saccharine or overdone about Fold In The Wind; it’s simply honest. It’s something to go back to on the darker nights; with the malcontent of whisky making dive-rolls in your stomach. Villalobos lets you know that sometimes things are difficult; and that this can be a gorgeous thing. House of Wolves let you revel in melancholia; to roll about someone else’s glorious, melodic sadness while gently accepting your own. At the album’s gorgeous, subdued finale ‘Flight’; he croons ‘baby, you’re the one’. To me, ‘the one’ will always be the type of music that reveals itself to you in a mirror. That is what Fold In The Wind gifts you- an exorcism. It might be Ray’s, but it becomes your own; and you remember that the greatest lover you’ll ever have carries themselves in soundwaves- and that this is more than enough. 

Other favourites

HTRK - Work (Work Work)

Richmond Fontaine - The High Country

The Golden Age The Silver Girls - Tyler Lyle

Sleeplessness - Sea Oleena 


5. Wishbone - It is Rain On My Face 

I listen to this with eggs and tea; and I return to it weeks later with wine and sunset. It is transient and forgiving; gentle like a grandparent. I adore the use of re-imagined sounds- sometimes it sounds like a knock on the door; at others like the crunch of wheels on a gravel road. Matt Jones does a lovely falsetto; but it’s the overall composition that makes me return to the album- the vocals are no more apparent than any other instrument or synth; which make it all the more bewitching.The tracks flow into each other and then it’s over- a little like a micro-sleep where you had an summer-flushed dream. 

4. Into Clear EP - Glass Vaults

Something is in the Wellington water; and it’s making music that sounds like spectres. Into Clear is eerie and beautiful; it feels like waking up in a plane that is plummeting above the atmosphere. To describe something as music to perish to is strange; but there is a little death in here- just when your tired body is ready. It is otherworldly and out of body; streams of synth melded seamlessly with soaring vocals. This release is transformative and compelling. The sparseness they employ is just enough to mesmerise; and they have turned shoe-gaze upside down- you find yourself sky gazing; not wanting to return to the limbs that have been weighing you down. 

3. Clem Snide’s Journey - Clem Snide

I have a thing for Eef Barzelay. He is sincere and his voice feels like a kiss. While you’re crying. And maybe there’s a mountain in the background. This is an EP of Journey covers; and he has reduced them to lovely; sparse renditions you’d never imagine given the epic; early eighties ballads that were. Perhaps dreadfully; I’m happy to forgo the originals for Barzelay’s versions- they have a sincerity and vulnerability to them that makes me pause and listen. I hope next year he attempts Tina Turner. That would see me dropping out of law school and moving to Nashville.  

2. Alabama Shakes EP - Alabama Shakes 

I fucking adore Brittany Howard. She has a swagger and soul that steamrolls many of her male colleagues attempting to encapsulate what she perfectly captures. The band behind her have a polish that’s rare in the multitude of EP’s I listen to- the music is tight and captivating; every element attuned while managing to stay appropriately grubby for the blues. This is one of those magical genre-bending releases; blending blues; rock and soul into a rip-roaring mini epic of song. I was delighted to hear that Rough Trade has picked the Shakes up and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. This is raw, sexy blues like no-one else is doing. It’ll make you want to dance and weep and make love and drink whiskey. Absolutely glorious. 

1. Via Flamina - Futurebirds 

This was love at first listen. Anything with harmonies has already weaselled its way into my alcohol-ridden heart; and Via Flamina is flush with them. Add anthemic; roughly (and gloriously) effect-ridden guitars that float into country-slide; and more harmonies (oh, keep them coming) and I’m in country rock heaven. From the left-field comes the loveliest rendition of Wicked Games I’ve heard; next, a sprinkling of piano and ukelele and the chant ‘don’t blame it on my wild heart’, and then, far too quickly, it’s over. Oh, I blame my umpteenth listens on you, Futurebirds- this EP is absolutely perfect. 

Other favourites

Lyon - Benoit Pioulard 

Wintercoats - Cathedral EP


5. In A Dream - Grandpa Was A Lion

I developed an enormous crush on this song. I thought about it in class; I jogged to its gentle shimmer. It floats through you; and then you’re elsewhere in a gorgeous lustre; and then it’s over and you’re not sure why your hair is wet or where your skirt went. 

4. Southbound - Sea Oleena

Charlotte Oleena has an achingly lovely voice- featuring twice in my top five tracks of 2011 speaks volumes of this. She sings ‘maybe I’m a little wasted’, and at once I am where she is- wandering through a park after a long night; not wanting to sleep (and not able to anyway), taken by the beauty of the early morning; utterly alone and better for it. The piano in this track is sublime- I can’t articulate the chord change in the main riff; but it’s a perfection of how a touch of dissonance can be glorious (listen at 0:26-31 to understand). Oleena sings over herself, dancing with the sweet journey she’s taken us on. I want to ride again. 

3. Via Flamina - Futurebirds 

This track slays me. I’m a harlot for harmonies; and the stripped back chorus featuring a multitude of voices is perfection. The guitar sing with one another; the vocals are heartbreakingly frank- you are immersed while Via Flamina reaches a wonderful culmination of mourning and joy. Ride a bike through a park, turn off your phone, be alone, be elsewhere- it will carry you. Let it: there aren’t enough voices that sing to you like the Futurebirds do; let the guitars sway you into a mess of bliss, and then stop to feel how quickly you are breathing. 

2. Ghost - Joel Robert Melton 

The frantic frenzy of this chorus, where Melton shouts after what he can’t forget- you can picture him, head in hands; crying into a vortex- is utterly bewitching. I love the guitar sound, which at times wouldn’t be out of place in an old Western film and then at others are smoky and romantic as a first love; the tribal drums; the sweet acoustic that lures at the beginning- it is a total seduction and you hope for a haunting of your own. 

1. Everlasting Evening - Guilty Ghosts 

This song is a masterpiece. It peaks and plunges; reaching ecstatic crescendos of perfectly composed sound. I play it to friends and do that dreadful thing where I pause it to say (at 4:02, if you’re curious); ‘listen to this chord change! It’s just *long, speechless pause* - sublime!’. Sea Oleena’s gorgeous, ethereal vocals take Everlasting Evening to a vertex of joy- I run to it, I sleep to it; it is ideal for every realm of what life you may live. What’s more; it takes you to where you’d best like to be- somewhere above the city; looking at the ordinary with a renewed wonder, wishing that the ants of people below were feeling and hearing what you were. 

Non Bandcamp albums

5. Metals - Feist
4. King of Limbs - Radiohead
3. The Whole Love - Wilco 
2. A I A: Alien Observer - Grouper  
1. Let England Shake - PJ Harvey

Alabama Shakes | Alabama Shakes EP

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The best music should make you feel ecstatic about being alive. The best music doesn’t need to be described.