BCH Pick Of The Week

Winter came to town this week. In a pretty nasty way. This was a violent change in the weather, a change in conditions that brought with it an abject air of misery. I can’t speak for everyone but all I could think of was: warm bedroom. This brings us to Will Samson.

I suppose music, like any art, has a certain impact on you depending on the context in which you experience it. Catcher In The Rye should be digested in ones formative years, for example. Millions of disaffected teens and twenty-somethings were gripped by the resonance of OK Computer. Then there is music that is much more specific. More seasonal.

Will Samson makes winter music. It could be enjoyed on a crisp Spring day, and certainly it is suited to the melancholy of Autumn, but the essence of this music is winter. I can’t recommend listening to it while lying in a snowy field but do try spending some time with it in your warm bedroom, with the sleet pelting down outside and a warm cat curled about your legs. Things will fall into place.

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