Bandcamp Hunter Mixtape  # 2 February 2012

Download all files as a zip (151 MB)

1. Let Go - MPSO
(from the album Wisdom Teeth)

2. Bee Hive - White Birds
(from the album When Women Played Drums)

3. Kick Out The Amber Lights - ScotDrakula
(from the album Crackstrength)

4. Middle Aged Unicorn on Beach with Sunset - Aleks and The Ramps
(from the album Facts)

5. Ticks - Kiss Kiss Fantastic
(from the album Dark Matters)

6. You Make Me Sleepy - Field Trip
(from the Cream EP)

7. Sideways - Deep Heat
(from the EP Lowlights

8. Son of a Son ft. House of Wolves - Sutja Gutiérrez
(from the Trendy Rock Hits EP)

9. 666 - Mesa Cosa
(from the Infernal Cakewalk EP)

10. Old Lumina - Flatsound
(from the album i clung to you hoping we’d both drown)

11. Long John - Dream Sick
(from the album Dream Sick)

12. I Can’t Remember - Wizard Oz
(from the album Flower Days)

13. Wake Up - Seth Frightening
(from the EP B.Hoo

14. Queen Baby - Vows
(from the album Winter’s Grave)

15. Hurricanes - Still Blue Still Turning
(from the album Hurricanes)

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