Pick of the Week: Gremlins

I was on the train platform, untangling my headphones. This is a good metaphor for my days, I thought. I will tell them to put a decent illustration of a pair of tangled headphones on my tombstone, I thought. Will I be put into a tomb? I hope so. The train was coming and it sung like a whale. The great leviathan sighed before me and I stepped into it.

I was in the train carriage, watching the light change. Here’s the sun and here’s the fluorescence and here’s the sun again and now it’s dark. Two smackies held each other tenderly, as if this was their final journey and maybe it was. Drugs:The Last Refuge of Romance. Over there on the back of a seat someone had written close yr eyes and make a wish. That was the best thing.

I was walking down the city street and there was a scene. There’d been some violence by the butchers. One man was beaten and the man who beat him was being restrained by authorities. The beaten man lay near destroyed on the ground, his skull looked caved in to me but he was still alive, trembling. What would he do tomorrow? Or the day after that?

I was in the nightclub and the music was decent enough but I thought someone should write a song about a dead child beauty queen. Something you could really dance to. I had another red drink and thought about how some people still drink the blood of pangolins, believing it gives them powers, and who were we to argue? There was a girl who either looked like Dennis Hopper or talked like him, I can’t remember which, and she shouted innocence is fucking useless and stupid, man!

I was in my backyard when the sun came back, whipping a lawn chair with my belt. Things were coming to a close and this was the best thing to do about it. My cat sat on the back step, watching approvingly. He knew what was best and from now on he’d set the controls. He blinked slowly and nodded. My little Gremlin Captain. I thrashed that lawn chair good.

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