Bandcamp Hunter Mixtape #1 - January 2012

Here it is then, our very first BCH Mixtape. As you probably know, Bandcamp Hunter is now the work of three people (myself, The Huntress and BCH3CP0) and as such these selections have been compiled from picks each of us made in January (though not necessarily released in the last month).
It’s been sequenced with love and care so do settle down with a tea or a scotch or a lager and listen to the whole thing from beginning to end - we should all devote more time to purely listening to music, not treating it as merely background noise.
A big thank you to all the participating artists and labels. Enjoy.

Click here to download the entire mixtape as a ZIP (164.4 MB)

  Never Cry - Gorgeous Bully

  Tough Summer - Tree Hopping

  Morning Glory - Bonesetters

  Fumes - Grandparents

  On Fire - Steffaloo

  Up all Night - Oliver Tank

  First Excursions - Trjaeu 

  Come Down - Nite Fields

  OSX Lion - Grandpa was a Lion

10   Don’t Need It Now - Magnetic Island

11   Abandon Ship (fuck Albert Camus!)  - Now Wakes The Sea

12   Haselnus - The Parish of Little Clifton

13   House of Circles - Mr Gnome

14   The Bends - Kill Devil Hills

15   Perfect Home - Flights

16   Go To Sleep, Mess - Day Joy