Bandcamp Favourites of 2011 - BCH3P0


5. Man meats Bear - Bear Claws

What’s better than just normal, beautiful music? Bear themed beautiful music is what. Mesmerising, lofi traditional folk with everything you’d expect.

4. Geographer - Animal Shapes

Bright, catchy synth pop that doesn’t let up. I can rely on this album for a pickup. It’s so poppy it actually hurts sometimes, but all good things hurt a little.

3. Guilty Ghosts - Veils

Such a huge fan of anything Guilty Ghosts do. Blissful, scerene and elusive sonic landscapes. Beautiful built layers of sound, to lie down on and curl up into.

2. The Offset - Spectacles LP

Everything here, from the raw droning sound, to the Cantonese vocals and the perfect changes in pace slay me.

1. House of Wolves - Fold in the Wind

I think this wowed all of us from the very start. The entire album is just so ephemeral and atmospheric. Rey’s vocals are sublime and sparked a few arguments over whether it was a woman singing or Rey himself.. “oh but wait. That cannot be a guy, listen to that bit” but sure enough It’s all Rey and it only adds to the surreal majesty of this release. Magical, magical stuff. I can’t believe Europe and the US is tour blocking us, get down here soon. Please.

Other favourites

Alessandro Coronas - Where is my Heart?

Sons of an Illustrious Father - One Body

Slow Reverse: Slow Reverse

Sad Souls: Precious Paragons


5. Glass Vaults - Into Clear EP

Shimmering, translucent and most importantly, takes your mood to places it wasn’t before.

4. It is Rain on my Face - Wishbone EP

A great, ambient EP that transported me to a different Season. When I listen to it I still close my eyes and see thin curtains blowing in a cool evening breeze

3. Future Birds - Via Flamina

Drew me out like long piece of string. All languid and reposed. A Great EP by these guys with a killer cover to boot. Expecting Great things. (and a tour?)

2. Little Sur - Little Sur EP

Beautiful folk. Emotional and heartfelt. I make emotional connections on the first listen and this was perfect for me, right at that time. These connections stick around.

1. Alabama Shakes - Alabama Shakes EP

I’d be surprised if this doesn’t come in all the Hunter’s top 5. You put it on, it gets inside you. You get up. You dance. You stomp your feet. You punch your thigh and you shake your head. If these guys don’t tour here soon I am going to start stabbing people.


5. Hemmingbirds - Mellow Gold Haze

Love the flow of this, the melody, the rhythm and the general 90’s poptastic feeling it gives me.

4. Geographer - Original Sin

I’m a sucker for this bright, poppy, electronic stuff. A bit too bright? No. It always hits my spot.

3. Sons of an Illustrious Father - We will do great things

Love a good Belting vocal and a footstomping, drunken tune. I would marry that voice.

2. House of Wolves - Acres of Fire

That haunting piano sets the emotional tempo of the song and then drags my heart through with it.

1. The Offset -Back in the Hole 

This song made me sit up straight away. I came across this album in the middle of a long Hunting expedition and my brain was fuzzy with dissapointment and lowered expectations. The savage buzz of the bass line and the clunking exclamation point snapped me back into reality like a shot of adrenalin. And then he starts singing in Cantonese.

Non Bandcamp albums

5.  Apocalypse - Bill Callahan

What a voice on this man. Something I know I can always return to and be thoroughly satisfied. The opening track, Drover, I love the living shit out of it. “And one thing about this wild, wild country. It takes a strong strong, it breaks a strong strong mind. And anything less and anything less, makes me feel like I’m wasting my time.” Magic.

4. Youth knows no Pain - Lykke Li

Yeah I know, I know. But man.. she reminds me of past relationships, good and bad. Plus she’s pretty cute. I’m an emotional man, what can I say. The heart has to have it’s say and this album makes it ramble all day long.

3. For Nihon - Various Artists

This is a stunning compilation that was put together after the Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that swept over Northern Japan. A wonderful comp with a myriad of ambient and experimental artists. Highly recommended.

2. No time for Dreaming - Charles Bradley

Holy shit, this is what happens when a 60+ year old former James Brown Impersonator makes an album. This is heartbreaking Soul, it’s beautiful, it’s fucking magnificent.

1.  Departing - Rural Alberta Advantage

Sign me up as a total sucker for emotional and heartfelt songs that sweep through the realms of love and relationships. Melancholy and heartbreak my best friends. I love this whole album. Kinda cheesy I guess? Ask The Hunter though. I’m a cheesy guy.

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