BCH Pick Of The Week

Late last night at the bar I work in a brawl broke out. This is a regular event- men drink too much, a beer is spilled or a back bumped in the animal clutter of the inebriated early morning and suddenly there is a wreck of bodies laying into each other. Our wonderful security guards have to fling themselves between fists, and last night the fight was forced outside and we were locked in as enormous, beer-strung men flailed at each other, their hapless girlfriends teetering on the sidelines on gin-slicked heels. It’s frightening- we are all disabled behind the bar, watching through the window. The police came, and things calmed. Despite a strong vodka my stomach was still a twist at three thirty when it was time to go home; and I found myself (somewhat dangerously in the early morning) taking the long walk home to calm down. I wanted to be transported away from the dark violence of the Melbourne weekend; and the catalyst for calm was the wonderful Rare by Tearjerker.

Tearjerker have crafted a luscious, romantic album; meeting cataclysms of sound with distant, hazy vocals. There is something endearingly naive about the tone of their often-chanted vocals, but the lyricism is steeped with gentle reflection- on Word, they sing ‘and I felt so assured, although you didn’t say a single word’. This lovely companionship remains through the album; and it does assure the listener. There are nods to other groups; shades of My Bloody Valentine and Ariel Pink in the haze and a touch of Grizzly Bear but Tearjerker have made this release distinctive. Highlights include the opening track ‘Down’ which feels like a late-night summer drive with someone adored, with the hazy chant ”If it’s you I trust, I won’t get down on your love”; the gentle moment of ‘Word’, and the joyful chant of ‘So Dead’ which marries spangly guitars and one of my favourite verse-melodies of late. Rare makes a rainy, dangerous morning feel impervious- these Canadians know how to gently escort a lady home. 

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